BIZQ operates as a turn-key B2B supplier for clients in several industrial fields like the  cable industry, hygiene, agricultural, sensor and vision systems to name a few.

Our R&D services range from building concepts from scratch up to and including design for manufacturing, tool  fixture design and material selection.

Our supplier services range from supplying plastic and metal production and prototyping parts up to and including sub assemblies and boxed products.

Our clients are small and medium enterprises in the industrial B2B field. 

We co-invest in 95% of our projects by bridging client product demand to mass production by adding knowledge, time, tooling, stock keeping and a self built robust supplier network.

Our total combined experience in R&D and production is more than 40 years. We offer short communication lines and a lot of hands-on product and fabrication experience. 

Our goal is to supply solutions that work!